Make a Woman Attracted to You

How to Make a Woman Attracted to You

The funny thing is that while most guys would have this question in their minds, they get different answers from everyone they ask.  Who could then blame us for failing in the game of dating and seducing women? If you're one of these men who are confused with the different (and contradictory) answers that you get from self-proclaimed "seduction gurus" out there, then you're in luck.  Read on while I blow the lid on the question on how to make a woman attracted to you.  Discover the real techniques to making women like you quickly and get amazing results fast.

Stop Being Nice And Dandy


Women may like men who are nice, but they never sleep with nice guys. That's why you see many women who seem to have gay men as their best pals.  In order to make a woman feel SEXUALLY attracted to you, you would stop being overtly nice to them.  This is how you would make a woman attracted to you quickly and easily.

Build Rapport

The problem with most men is that they do not put in the effort to build a real connection with the woman that they want to attract.  Rapport is a must in the game of seduction!  Listen to her, and engage in a deep conversation with her.  Know what makes her tick, care about her and build on anything that she feeds you in the conversation.

Challenge Her

If she is beautiful (and she knows it),  then make her qualify herself by asking,  "Many blondes that I know are total air-heads.  What makes you different?"  When you do this, make sure you give her a broad smile, so that you don't come across as a total jerk.  Remember that while women are attracted to men who give them a run for their money, they never like jerks or men who are rude to women.

Use Fractionation

The "Challenge Her" tactic is actually a simplified version of a hypnosis trick known as Fractionation, which is said to give guys the superpowers to seduce women faster than you ever thought possible.

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